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The lush, picturesque, seaside Sivota is located in the south western part of the prefecture of Thesprotia and an area of great natural beauty and rare type of landscape. Sivota is the hidden secret of the special seafood destination continent. The village is built amphitheatrically overlooking the bay. It consists of a verdant peninsula and also three green islands. The islets of Black Mountain or Sivota, St. Nicholas and Grand Mourtemeno form a small archipelago (Islands Sivota) with dreamy bays, crystal waters and breathtaking routes.

It is one of the 'low profile' destinations in the Ionian Sea on green-hip tourists who are tired of the known parts of Greece. The scene looks like a movie: a representative Mediterranean landscape with green hills around a magnificent bay, lush islands reminiscent of Norwegian fjords and turquoise waters with touches of green. The important ecosystem of Sivota offers shelter to many species of animals and fish due to the characteristics of the region: sclerophyllous shrubland (Mediterranean maquis), small islands and islets, bays, coastal flap and beaches with sand, pebbles, gravel or stones.

The people are polite, friendly and involved with tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry. The village of Sivota is said to have taken its name from the Battle of Corinth and Thesprotia against Corfu in 433 BC during the Peloponnesian War, which took place in the small archipelago of islands of Sivota.
During the Ottoman Mourtos renamed, the name of the elders, who depredated passing merchant ships. The village was renamed again Sivota in late 1950.
The marina offers quiet anchorage on fishing boats, sailboats, sailing boats and speedboats.

Beaches of the area

60-km coastline with marvellous beaches, stretching from Sagiada to Parga.

Daily Cruises

Visit and explore the coastine of Corfu and Paxos with daily cruises.

Archaeological Museum

Exhibits that cover a long period of human presence in Thesprotia.

Acheron River

Breathtaking scenery. Beautiful and interesting- facts and mythology.

Archaeological Sites

Visit and explore numerous archaeological sites in the area.

Monastery at Giromeri

One of the most important monastic centers in Epirus, which really worths a visit.

Kalodiki Wetland

An amazing wetland which is covered by water-lilies.

Folklore Museum in Plataria

Demonstrates elements of the area's pre-industrial society.

Ancient Settlement Vrachonas

Abandoned traditional village, close to Sivota, which consists of about 50 dilapidated houses.